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Final day here!


This is my last day in this room! It's gone so fast I can hardly believe it. I've got my foot in the door of the month 3 room and I'm looking forward to parking myself in one of the comfy seats (I hear they get more comfy and more luxurious with every new room you move up to!)

I'm also looking forward to no smoking day for the first time in 25 years because I won't be getting nagged at or be given dirty looks or feel guilty about smoking!

Instead I'll be wearing my smuggest of smug grins whilst breathing in huge lungfulls of sweet smelling smoke free air!

keep going the end of march us NY quitters will have done a quarter of a year!!!!! How bloody good is that!!!!! :D

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see you there

Well done JUJU i will see you there.......................Larger with a touch of lime please :D:D:D:D

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