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frog in throat??

Does anyone else have an irritating "frog in the throat" ?

I've been stopped 6 weeks now and although my breathing is SO

much better and my horrible smokers cough has been gone from virtually

the start, i get this irritating little cough now!

Its been there a couple of weeks now.

It can start at any time of the day and makes my throat sore

with it being a dry type of little cough.

Just wonderd if this is common for a while ?

Lucy x

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Hi ya! Although I did have a 'blip' one evening, since original quit day end of Jan, my throat was incredibly painful for quite a long time. I still have a cough now, but the pan and sharpness in my throat was awful, so I do sympathise. Lozenges worked a bit and paracetamol. Hope it gets better soon. X


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