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Day 3 on Champix

I have given up for three days now :)

I used Champix for 2 weeks while smoking as instructed, and I thought this does not seem to be doing anything for me.

I decided sat the 16th would be my last smoking date.

I have not fancied a cig or really even thought about having one at all so far.

I know harder times will probably follow but I am happy with the way it is going so far

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Welcome to the forum :)

this is a great site to join and you will receive as much support as you need

there is a champix group you can join if you want to if you click on quick links along the top of the bar above and scroll down to social groups you will find them in there

keeping a positive mindset is a good start



Hi, I was very successful with Champix! Best wishes to you too, you can do this.:)


congratulations on making such a life saving decision! Wish you all the best. :)


Welcome to the Forum

Wishing you all the very best as you embark on your quit journey.

Fi x


Wow sounds like you've had a fantastic start! lets hope it stays that way!! good luck, stay strong, stay positive and you WILL do this!!


Hi there, I had a great start with Champix, on a reduced dose and shortened course. I found the desire to have a cig simply faded away with Champix. All the best with your journey. You will find really lovely people on this forum - absolute diamonds all of them. x


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