No Smoking Day
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Back again

Well after losing my phone and broadband connection I am finally back again.

Bad news is i went back to the cigs, good news is that at 1.30 pm I will be into day 2.

Took bull by horns and went into chemist and found that they have a quit smoking lady. Yipee

Sat down with her and had a good chat and am now armed with patches (again) and the inhaler thing.

Took my CO reading and it was 9ppm. Don't know how bad that is.

I go back and see her again on Fri. Will be interesting to see if the level changes.

Think this is what I need to keep me going.

Have had a few funny turns, A couple of times a have felt that my chest is going to explode and that I need more oxygen, this is only since yesterday afternoon.

At moment feeling confident.

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Good for you WTSN :)

When I have blipped it has always taken me years :eek: to get back to it.

You will be better armed now after your last attempt and with the lady in the chemist egging you on....oh and us too! :)

Stay positive, baby steps and keep us informed,

Take care



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