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Bad day... :(


Bad day today :(

Had a bad day with my son (he's still in hospital - 7 months now) he wouldn't speak to me & has been wearing the same clothes for 2 weeks & the hospital are letting him :confused: I know he's mentally ill but lately I feel like I just can't cope with it all... I don't want to smoke & I know it wouldn't help at all but i've always turned to smoking for comfort when i'm stressed & because i'm stressed all the time lately I don't know what to do with myself...

I literally haven't let go of my nicorette inhalator today, bloody ridiculous I know... Wish I could get some strength from somewhere because i'm not smoking now or ever so i'll have to find something to help me...

Sorry to rant it's just been another one of those days, I hate moaning when I know there are people going through a lot worse than me.

Denise x

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Hi Denise,

That sounds really awful and I'm sorry to hear you're going through this I can't imagine how hard it must be especially without the "comfort" of smoking :(, stay strong for your son and keep plowing on! Best of luck!

Dan x

Denise, you are doing amazingly. You know you no longer choose to be a smoker, and your acheiving it. Be proud of yourself. Sounds like you deserve a break, time to concentrate a little more on you, I think. Xx

Denise, sorry to hear you are having a tough time at the moment, you have a lot more on your plate than most people. I think you are doing an amazing job at coping with the circumstances you have to deal with, as I can only imagine that its terribly stressful and upsetting .

Try to take heart from the fact that you have come so far with your quit and you know that there's no going back to day 1 again . A ciggie is only going to trigger off another set of stresses.

Thinking of you

Donna x

Denise, so sorry to hear how things are for your son. It must be very sad and stressful. Smoking wouldn't change that but it's only natural to think about smoking at such times. Most of us have used it as an accompaniment to almost every emotion there is, but especially stress.

Sending you strength and positive vibes.

Rachel. x

I know just what you mean Denise, it makes your insides hurt.

Being with someone who is mentally ill needs you to be, at the very least, level preferably up. Maintaining that level of positivity is next to impossible. He is your son, I bet you see him frequently.

If you are like me you have days where seeing him makes you feel like you are going to fracture into a million pieces.

It made me feel so flipping angry somedays that someone so beautiful could suffer so much.

Denise, you need to hold on, every time you feel the way you did yesterday you need to do what helps you find peace again. For me it's walking to very loud music, or at least it was.

Take care lovey, you are in my prayers sweetheart.

Molly x

Denise, you are an inspiration. I am so impressed with you and the way you can keep going when you must be really struggling with the situation with your son and yet through all that you stay quit! Marvellous! Keep goin Denise we are all behind you!

Thinking of you Denise, keep strong!!

Thank you all so much :)

I'm still going strong, poor inhalator is nearly worn out :eek:

Denise x

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