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Ending Day Two...Need A Push

Hello All,

I am new to the forum and I hope that it will provide me (and others) with help and that push to continue when we need it!

A little about me to start...I am in my early 20's, tried my first cigarette at 13 and started properly at college (roughly 12 - 20 a day dependent upon where I was, general stress or the occasion / event), my partner does not smoke (of which we have been together since college and are getting married this year)

I am trying to quit (again, one of the many attempts), of which have included - CT, Champix (I went 4 months!), Patches and then this go "Allen Carr - and resorting away from his advice a 'Nicorette Inhalator & 10g cartridges".

I REALLY need to do this for my own health and happiness also I know I can but just need guidance and a little push along.

Today has been a hard day...I have had a small amount of alcohol and haven't cracked. I have had many a craving...don't get me wrong, the cigarette counter in the shop turned me into a horrible, moody mess!

My partner is there for me but my best friends words around a previous quit attempt of "You obviously don't want to quit so I doubt you ever will" (a non-smoker ring in my ears - who doesn't want to!)

I am going out for a meal tomorrow with my partner and don't want to crack.

Advice and anything anyone can say to help will push me along these first few hard days!!

Many thanks in advance, Ang xoxo (Sorry it was long!)

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Hi Ang, welcome to the forum :-)

First of all well done on getting through the first couple of days, you should be proud of yourself :) Secondly, ignore what your friend said, she obviously has no idea what she's talking about! If you didn't want to quit then you wouldn't be trying in the first place.

If you've read the Allen Carr book I'd say keep looking at it and reinforcing the idea that you're not giving anything up. Your gaining control and freeing yourself from the prison that cigarettes put us all in.

I smoked for 25 years (probably longer than you've been alive :() and I so wish I could have stopped when I was your age, don't let it drag you down for as long as I did!

Something I'd not realised about stopping is along with being able to breathe properly and the usual benefits that you hear about, there's also the sense of pride and acheivement, the boost to your confidence and the overall freedom that you feel... It's marvellous, and it's worth a few days of feeling shitty to feel this bloody good!!

You CAN do this :D


Thanks guys woke up this morning and not feeling too bad and your lovely helpful words just reinstated my thoughts and reasoning to why I am doing this.

My partner has a days holiday from work, so maybe I won't be as bored and constantly thinking things over.

Had a cigarette related dream last night - but if anything it just made me laugh!

Going to enjoy my meal with my partner tonight WITHOUT having to run off before the food comes, and actually enjoy the taste.



Welcome Ang and keep it up

You are definitely doing all the right things and agree can't tell you how quickly smell and taste come back and the world is a whole new and exciting place! Sounds a bit cheesy but true ruddy love my food these days!!

This forum is great doesn't force anything on you but amazing people there if you need support not sure what I would do without everyone

Keep it up and good luck I reckon you will be flying!



Ok, just did a little calculation. If I had given up when I was 22, I would have saved roughly 14000 pounds by now. And imagine how much healthier I would be. Keep it up!!!


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