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Half way thru Day 2

So i got thru last night by sucking on sweets and watching tv, when i think back on it ... it was nt that hard .... Anyway, Yesterday i was using patches (16 hour ones) and was supposed to be using the spray mist but only did twice the whole day, Half way thru this day 2 already and without a patch or a mist spray in sight!!! , i dont know what happened but i felt that maybe the patch was not doing its job so i took a decision not to wear one today and i have to tell you that it has not been any better or any worse than yesterday, Ive been thinking a lot about stopping smoking in past few weeks and was in two minds wether or not to use patches ect as i thought it would be better to get the nicotine out of the system asap.

So up i gets this mornin, came down stairs, had a cuppa and soon after got up and kept myself busy all day, so far so good, there was one minute were i was gonna ask the wife for a cig but said NO to myself, and other minutes i kept thinking how good it would feel to even get one drag..... but i kept the sensible head on, telling myself my drug now is Clean Fresh AIR, i hope my mind and body will stick with this new drug ;)

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I was looking for you earlier!

I have had to re-start my quit today after 2 weeks......silly woman I know!!

But I thought Id check in on you. Glad you got through yesterday, and today you seem strong too.

I think the key is to KEEP BUSY!! The less time you have to think about the nasty weed, the better.

Keep it up, your doing brill! Impressed that you have come off the patches!! woah! get you! xxx


Hang on in there!

Sounds like you have enough determination to not cave in. :)


Thx ISHA1930, aye im doing veryyyyyyyyyyy well, infact better than i thought i would do, yes i did read your post and hope you get back into it again, i read somewhere that nicotine is one of the most easy drugs for humans to get hooked on, like one ciggie and your trapped BUT it also says that nicotine is NOT a very powerful drug ! .................. So come on you people out there trying, Remember ............. Its NOT that Hard !!


Ty Pisky, I hope your doing well, keep it up fella :)


Wow im feeling like breaking but hanging in there, was watching Celtic v Juventus and that was stressing me out alot , came on hear to read a few posts and it does help, well another 2 hours and i'll be in bed and heading for Day 3, hope i make it !! Good luck to all u quiters tonight , i know its hard at night time but keep er lit ;)


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