Day 5!

Blimey, that came round fast! I honestly didn't expect it to feel quite so quick! 4d 14hr. Last night was fine really, kept busy with my new netflix subscription and my 8 year old has just discovered the joys of Jackie Chan, so we're re-watching his (suitable) films, which is great timing - happy Chinese New Year, everyone (or should I say gong hei fat choi!?!).

Today I'm a bit bunged up and a bit achey, which I'm guessing is this and not getting a cold, but it feels a bit like it. Not a big problem though and I get to have another rest day before the busy next two weeks. I do kind of feel like 'i got this' now which I realise is far too early to say, but it feels pretty definite, and that *obviously* I'm not a smoker anymore. I might even throw away the half-a-pack of tobacco in the drawer - which I kept for the fun of knowing it was in the house and CHOOSING not to have it rather than panicking because there wasn't any around - I feel like I don't even need that crutch any more.

You know, I don't think I knew that quitting could be such an enjoyable experience -there's so much positivity on here and I'm gradually feeling better and feeling proud and certain in myself, I'm now starting to point out to hubby that he's being more grumpy than I am and cheeky little things like that - I'm usually quite easy to anger and have felt more cheerful these last few days than I usually do, which is great - *another* benefit! :D

Ooh I'm waffling now, sorry, I do go on a bit! :o

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  • Well done Claire, you sound like you've really got the right mindset for it and you're going to keep doing great!!

  • Sounding great Claire!! Heres to another smoke free fantastic day! :)

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