No Smoking Day
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Day 5!

Blimey, that came round fast! I honestly didn't expect it to feel quite so quick! 4d 14hr. Last night was fine really, kept busy with my new netflix subscription and my 8 year old has just discovered the joys of Jackie Chan, so we're re-watching his (suitable) films, which is great timing - happy Chinese New Year, everyone (or should I say gong hei fat choi!?!).

Today I'm a bit bunged up and a bit achey, which I'm guessing is this and not getting a cold, but it feels a bit like it. Not a big problem though and I get to have another rest day before the busy next two weeks. I do kind of feel like 'i got this' now which I realise is far too early to say, but it feels pretty definite, and that *obviously* I'm not a smoker anymore. I might even throw away the half-a-pack of tobacco in the drawer - which I kept for the fun of knowing it was in the house and CHOOSING not to have it rather than panicking because there wasn't any around - I feel like I don't even need that crutch any more.

You know, I don't think I knew that quitting could be such an enjoyable experience -there's so much positivity on here and I'm gradually feeling better and feeling proud and certain in myself, I'm now starting to point out to hubby that he's being more grumpy than I am and cheeky little things like that - I'm usually quite easy to anger and have felt more cheerful these last few days than I usually do, which is great - *another* benefit! :D

Ooh I'm waffling now, sorry, I do go on a bit! :o

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Well done Claire, you sound like you've really got the right mindset for it and you're going to keep doing great!!


Sounding great Claire!! Heres to another smoke free fantastic day! :)


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