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I didn't quit for me!

I know everyone says, you have to quit for yourself, but in all honestly I haven't.

I didn't even think of quitting, but my children had been learning about the dangers of smoking in school, and come home with horror stories of how I would die early and was destroying my body, there little faces were so upset, so I promised them I would stop, I kept making excuses like oh after Christmas etc, my daughter would get so upset and say but you promised us :(

So I took her to the Dr with me, so she could see I was trying, and 21 days later I am still quit, and the hugs, kisses and cuddles make it all worth while. I have no intention of ever breaking my promise and that is more than enough to keep me quit forever. That is why my signature says first and last quit, so you see you do not need to quit just for yourself :D

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Janeissane your children must be very proud of you:)

Welldone and lots of love n luck for the future!

I'm doing this for me n the kids too, I want to see them grow up n have kids of their own. I dont want to miss a thing in there lives and if we carry on smoking we will. Taking each day as it comes,but what more motivation do we need hey!?!x


Thanks Wooders for understanding, my children are worth so much more than a lousy plant, and the money I am saving, £154 in 3 weeks, is going towards taking them to Florida Disneyworld in a couple of years, and I sure as hell am going to enjoy that with them (benefits for me too:))

They are very proud and very supportive, hugs nd kisses every day:D

Good on you Wooders, you will be around to witness marriages, grandchildren, the full works, thanks to your quit :D


Hi ya, 21 days is excellent, well done!!

Im also doing this for my little boy. Quite honestly, I didn't really want to give up.......however, when I thought I couldn't afford to take my son to pre school, i realised how shameful that was. I couldn't allow him to o without in order for me to afford fags.......its just wrong. So, that is my motivation, I have to do it, so that I can afford stuff for him.

I also watched my mum suffer with Emphysema ...... i looked after her for many years....a lot of them she was still smoking. I simply CANNOT allow that to happen to me, and have my son looking after me....

So, Im the same....doing it for my boy! xxx


It is also worth remembering that a child with smoking parents is twice as likely to be a smoker. So you may well be preventing your children from being a smokers without even realising it. Double whammy, can't be bad.

Well done and good luck


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