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Thank You Kat

I just woke up to a lovely message from my (unofficial) quit buddy Kat. Checking to see I was ok - it really helped!

I'm fine Kat - thanks for checking up on me though!

I'm crabby and unpleasant to be around, I'm half a heartbeat away from bursting into tears or ripping someone's head off.... but on the bright side I'm only 11 hours away from Day 4!! :o

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I was the same as you, and I think from what people have said on here its the same for most people, day 3 has been the worst day so far, im now looking forward to the 7 day milestone tomorrow, and so will you be in a few days, keep it going, stay strong :)


Thanks for that Munkey.:)


Think of it this way... How many times a day did you feel crabby and irritable when you were a smoker? How about when you could not smoke and had to wait for few hours before getting your fix? Yes its probably a bit more intense at the moment, but hey its your last time to feel that crabby because of not being able to smoke. In few weeks you will feel so calm most of the day that you wont recognise your self. Keep going!!!


on day the evening of day 2 or 3 for me i was struggling pretty bad..finally fell asleep ..woke up checked my post on here. Low and behold i had a whole whack of incredible messages from people on here and it made such a massive difference to my mood and quit. I was beaming ear to ear after reading the advice and encouragement! This forum really is an extremely valuable assest in the early days! Hang in there guys it gets so much better! :D:D


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