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day 13

day 13!! , oh i am sooo proud of that egotistical?..scrap that i dont care if it is wooo *happy dance*

now the serious face stuffs :cool:

the urges for cigs has gone completely, the odd thing is im not sure exactly when it did go :S i just all of a sudden noticed i wasnt screeching and climbing the walls anymore..which helps mr bojangle...hes feeling much better now im not throwing things at him anymore.

my chest seem alot better , less coughing just the occasional bit of brown icky phlegm .(bleugh) odd pains in my chest at the back..maybe my lungs? not sure.

oh and i accidently started using decaf teabags yesterday..blinding headaches so there's another addiction i may want to attack at some point in the future..for now im going to enjoy the extra bounciness gained from my caffeine (new non decaf teabags) :)

also living my 2am ramblings on here

thanks for listening guys :)

lorna xx

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Well done. Apparently caffeine has more effect without nicotine, Woo caffeine high


Well done on getting to day 13 Lorna, you should be proud of yourself :-)



Yes, be proud of yourself my love. Two weeks is ammaazzzing and you should be happy dancing!! Well done:)

Fi x


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