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Can anyone help with "the cough" please?


Hi :)

Am 17 days smoke free and doing OK more or less now, have got over the tearyness apart from first thing 'cos I've started having the vivid dreams and lousy sleep 24 hour patches cause and they upset me! :(

I'm able to beat most of my cravings now without reaching for the nicotine gum and the best thing is that I'm looking younger! The dark circles have more or less gone from under my eyes and the little bit of puffiness i had has gone from under them :D

I am really suffering with the cough though, I hardly ever coughed when I smoked but it's getting worse and worse now. I've not got a bug or anything so all I can guess is that it's all the muck in my lungs coming out :eek: but it's really getting on my nerves now 'cos I'm coughing so much! My throat's sore from coughing and my voice is croaky sometimes too!

Is there anything I can do to quieten it down please?

I've got Covonia and have been drinking loads of water which helps a bit.

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Hi Gemma

Glad to hear you are going strong :) .... well...apart from the cough that is!

I'm no expert as I haven't had "the cough" since fact...I don't cough any more at all...gulp..!!.

Some people get it and some don't.

I would say you hit the nail on the head saying you were just "clearing out"

From what I have read I believe it's a case of just let it happen...

Coughing is a normal part of the quit, as the cilia come back to life and begin working better.

It is also recommended that if it continues for more than a month you should visit your doctor.

If they are anything like mine they should be over the moon for you quitting and will help any way they can. :)

Hope it clears for you soon

Take care



Thanks Greg, it's good in a way to know that it's my body cleaning out but it's horrible to go through. I've been coughing so much this morning I've nearly been sick :(

Hell of a reminder for me not to start smoking again though!

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