No Smoking Day
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day 3 is over yeah!!

Just made it.

Still dont know how I have got so far.

I am a psychologist - not a practising one and have been using this trauma of stopping to develop some sort of a theory - to put my mind off it.

Anyway - I have found today that by sucking my thumb - I calm down and the pang virtually goes.

Thought I would pass it on - could say some humurous things about it but this is neither the time nor the place - -its far too serious a matter.

Hope it works for some of you, hope it keeps working for me too.

An hour ago found myself picking up my lighter and testing it to see if it needed refilling - suddenly realised what I was doing and dropped it as if it was a hot coal!!

Hope my spellings are alright - not got much concentration at the moment

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