day 12

hey guys just thought id pop to say hey and im still here going strong :)

i really thought christmas was going to be bad..but i got through the ..icky bits and the rest was great. im less stressy than i usually am!

still got ginormous..and i mean hooooge sausage fingers! damn them! upping my water intake and im going to address my diet tomorrow, see if that helps any.

i hope you're all doing well , had a great christmas and have stayed on the clean air wagon. much love!

lorna x:D

2 Replies

  • Way to go Lorna, you star!

    It'll be week 3 for you before you know it.

    You're doing really well, keep it up love.

    Molly x

  • Well done Lorna

    "the clean air wagon" ...... I'm liking the sound of that! :)

    Stay strong

    Take care


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