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Dont Panic !!!

Hey you guuuuu-uuuys

Well I'm here to welcome all the new quitters, I will catch up with you all I promise, ive started to scan your posts and thought day one was appropriate to say hiya as its our first day "togevva" or Ill never get back into the swing of things.

One thing Ive learned is you can prepare for what you KNOW will be pitfall potentials, you cant prepare for life in general, with many if not all of us - smoking is something we've done for what seems like forever, and the habit is harder to break than the "need" for the weed, think how hard it is to get kids to give up a dummy/pacifier. Its new, then its kinda nice, then you just cant imagine life without it, well you can, by preparing as best you can and taking heart from the GENUINE support from fellow quitters.(else the world would have a dody epidemic on its hands :D)

We want you to succeed as it spurs us on, we remember those dark seconds that seem like hours when you are battling through a crave, we still enjoy the euphoria of making it to the other side, we do feel your pain and send love and support out into the ether aimed to you hoping it hits you in time.

There is lots of advice on here some may make sense & some may seem odd, but TRY it, can it really be as crazy as setting fire to money loaded with life taking chemicals and the most addictive substance to man and inhaling the lethal fumes?

Besides trying it may just distract you long enough to help that urge pass.

Ill see you all on the brightside, even in our darkest moments there will be a flicker of light



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Big Mama's back :D

How goes it Sarah?

Like Lostie says.....hope you had a great Christmas

We should get official forum t-shirts made with "Don't Panic" on the front and "I'm just Quitting" on the back....... :D

Speak soon




Great to see you back Sarah. Hope everything is going well for you.


MWAHHHHHHHHH right back at you Sarah

Hope everything's fine with you. Glad to see you doing so well in your quit:)

Fi x


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