No Smoking Day
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Another plus!


Just realised another plus to this non smoking malarkey. We're away to Ireland for New Year today and our baggage limit is 15 kg, I've just packed the smallest case ever!! Normally I take zillions of stuff with me on hols cos I didn't like putting on clothes next day that reeked of smoke. Now I'm wearing cardigans etc more than once cos my clothes still smell fresh. I know this may sound a bit daft to write about this, but to me it's another plus side to not smoking.

Enjoyed a smoke free Christmas, and now looking forward to bringing in a New Year as a non smoker. I've got this!

Ironically this trip has been booked since summer and I deliberately booked our hotel as it has a patio decked area with parasols and heaters for the smoking area! How a smoker thinks eh?

Hope everyone had a Lovely Christmas.

Best to all

Love Fi x

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Hi Fi,

There's a plus people won't have thought of til they pack to go somewhere.

I'm not surprised you're impressed, less luggage, more self confidence, pluses everywhere we look these days!

Molly x


They just keep coming!

I hope you enjoyed your Irish visit!!!

M x


Molly and Marie

May have not used up much of my baggage allowance on way out, but I'm surely taking advantage of the sales here, got a nice few bargains:)

Fi x


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