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3rd week 1st post


Mark here from Glasgow on his 3rd week off cigs having smoked for 40

years decided to quit on the 9th dec. Been using and ecig, no i dont

wanna know about this or that concerned with ecigs, heard it all

already their helping me that all i care about,:)

First i cant get away with how i felt after a week man o man i could

have climbed everest it was like a new lease of life clean off all cig

chemicals makes some difference in your body.

I dont drink i gave that up 28 years ago due to it gave me seizures

now when i dont drink i only have them when i sleep "sleep seizures"

their classed as and well under control--tough wood-and i did.

Quitting aint been easy even with the ecig but giving up booze and all

the other drugs i used to take have proved my will power in the past, drugs

been on the table in front of me but i still say no.:)

I bought the ego t and 4 different juices all different levels as to cut down

to the weakest then the none, thats the plan.

Feeling good about it all.

Glad i came across this forum

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Hi Mark

Good for you making the decision to quit :)

I like the last line of your post "Feeling good about it all" .... that's most of the battle won right there!

Wish you all the strength in the world for your quit

Take care




Hi Mark and Welcome

The ecigs are working for you, you have a plan to reduce the ecig dosages, and then stop using ecig. Makes sense to me. I agree with you that there is an anti ecig/NRT bias among some people. It is almost as if they think that NRT/ecig is worse than smoking!

To me ecig looks like every other approach to quitting which uses some kind of assistance (ie NRT, Champix, hypnotherapy etc). The key is to stop smoking!

Anyway, contragulations with your quit so far. With your other successes beating addictions, you look like you will beat smoking too, well done.


Hi Mark, well done. It doesn't matter what method you use as long as you don't smoke. I met a woman last week who had to give up because of ill health. The only thing that worked for her was an e-cig. Unfortunately nobody told her she could reduce the strength until she wasn't getting any nicotine.


Good luck! There have been several people over the years who have used E-cigs as part of their quit. I think that the whole less unhealthy aspect makes it more tempting to just trade them as a new nicotine delivery system, but I see your intention is to wean yourself off them.

I used NRT but soon found that an understanding of nicotine addiction and what to expect was what would really secure my quit. I actually stopped trying to wean myself off the lozenges and just set a date to cut them out as there was little point going through several different chemical withdrawals as I stepped down the amounts.

Anyway the best way to stop is to change the way you think about smoking. See it as a positive thing regaining health, wealth and control, rather than depriving yourself of some great pleasure.

There are some links in my signature which give a lot of information they are worth a read, they are anti-nicotine so won't fit your chosen method but take what you need and ignore the bias.

But remember at some point we all go cold turkey if we are to succeed, whether that be from cigs, patches, gum, e-cigs or what we all cease the use of nicotine if we are to have quit. Otherwise all we have done is maintained the same old addiction but with a different delivery system.


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