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What is your big motivation for giving up?

I know we all have lots of little reasons for stopping smoking but there does usually tend to be a bigger motivator. I have seen people say that they are stopping for the money, for their kids, things like that.

I have so many reasons to stop myself. It cost's a fortune, I was caughing badly, I have 2 adorable nephews who I would like to be around for. But some of you know how my year has been and so will understand the selfishness when I say that my main reason for quitting is me. Quite frankly other people being happy with it is a bonus which doesn't concern me. If I was quitting for my nephews, or my parents, the quit would never take. I am doing it for me and me only.

But that is just me. We are all different and things will motivate us all differently. Knowing how useful it is to write down your reasons and reinforce them please feel free to write your reason or reasons for quitting below and refer to them when you need them.

What is your main motivation for quitting?

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My main motivation...

This is a great question.

After thinking about it, I think my main motivation, above and beyond everything else, was...

I was tired of being ashamed of myself. I knew better, I hated being controlled by tobacco, I didn't like the health risks, blah, blah, blah. But mostly, I didn't like ME as a smoker. I was ashamed of myself. So I wanted to end that.

And I did. :)


Wow DGee, I couldn't have put it better myself, that's exactly how I felt too!


Cash is the overwhelming reason for me, it is just soo blooming expensive!! Sad I know but it's the truth..


Same for me. I've saved nearly £2000 and wish I'd quit sooner.


Ran out of duty frees!!!! :D

:D tbh I was contemplating stopping for a while before that


Cash was never a consideration for me, it cost me £8 a week to smoke.....I didn't want to die early and leave the wife and kids behind. I felt awful at times and my breathing was starting to wheeze. It's stopped doing that now :)


My sister being diagnosed with COPD I realised it could be me next:(


Mine are identical to DeGee's. Ashamed/hating myself!


I didn't care about the money, nor health, and I didn't quit for loved ones.... I got mad, mad to be controlled by these little sticks..... everything I did involved 'them'... I always had to consider 'them'.... they dictated my days, my life, and I hated it... I wanted to be free again.... I wanted to go back to the days before smoking, when I could do whatever I wanted without planning my next fix.... that's my reason.


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