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12 weeks


Hey guys n gals!

Hope your all doing just fine and thwacking that nicodemon with handbags, gladrags and whatever else you can find that makes a really good thwacking noise.... Thwaaaaacccccckkkk!

Pleased to report i'm still here, 12 weeks in and feeling good!

The health benefits are amazing, and i'm glad (as you will be/are already) that i stuck it out through the slightly grim parts of it.

Its well worth it, i hardly crave at all anymore and the ones i have are manageable.... only 12 weeks in and its so much easier. Newbies take note, it does get better, and really quickly too! Stick with it, you'll be glad you did!


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Hi Zozie

So good to hear you are feeling so good.

As a newbie it's great to read success stories and to be told over and over (and over) again that it gets easier :D

I still think about smoking "a lot" through the day, not craving them as such, but even after the thick end of 6 weeks, I still feel as though I should be smoking now!

Hoping this isn't a bad sign :eek:

Very well done and chuffed for you :D

Take care


an inspirational post to those of us behind you.....Thanks you and well done!!;)

Well done Zozie, you have done really well and should be incredibly proud of yourself. It's so nice to hear success stories from people I have been talking to for a long time. Absolutely delighted for you and looking forward to getting to that stage myself.

Way to go Zozie

thats a great positive post to be reading and im sure it will help inspire others that are just behind you to carry on with there quits






Well done Zozie,

You sound wonderfully possitive. Keep it up :D

Gaynor x

Way to go Zozie, I've absolutely loved reading your posts since i found this place you're just such a positive influence

I love having someone a few weeks in front of me :D

I've always been a follower!

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