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Day 1 Umpteenth try

Hi. I have stopped smoking so often in the past, but always resumed. Today I have just stopped without planning because I have a chest infection, and even I could not pretend that smoking through it, and feeling like I was dying, was a good idea. I dropped my cigarettes in the dog poo bin at the park, found a patch from a previous attempt and slapped it on my bum. I love not smoking, but I hate it that I still manage to go back to it. I really really mean to win this time. So I will hang around here.Im just gonna be like the spider and try again.

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You're in the best place. Read lots of posts and they will help you to stay strong. You'll find many friendly people here who will help with any questions you have. Good luck


We can do it!

Hi MrsM I too had my last cig on Monday evening. I hated smoking and like you have tried umpteen times to stop. This time it is for good - I'm just liking the feeling of being free from the slavery to the weed!:D


You could be me! Thats exactly how I quit.Said enough messing about and just did it.No planning just chest pains determination and the luck to find this forum.6 Wks on and I v surprised myself and am very happy.

Its early days for you,but you have made the decision to stop so thats the hardest part over.Good luck.:D


Good luck Mrs M.....I stopped suddenly through a brief illness too, that was four months ago. It worked for me so far, so stick with this forum and stick with it :)


Thank you all. It really helps to know that this way can stick. I really want it to work. Already coughing less.


Me too, Mrsm, I stopped because of a particularly heinous flu/asthma combo that scared the bejeezus out of me. And look at my sig to see how long I've stuck with it!

If I can give you one tip that would help you not to go back to it when you're down the line, it would be this: one day at a time.

Every day, when you wake up, say to yourself 'I choose not to smoke today, no matter what'. Don't worry about tomorrow, or forever, or any of that. Just get through today. Even when you're weeks into your quit keep making that conscious choice. I promise you, the longer you go on making that choice day after day, the easier it gets to make. The associations are broken, bit by bit. You start to truly appreciate not smoking, day by day.

At first you do miss smoking because you still have to undo the habit you've spent years creating, and it's easy, on a bad day, to give into that because you think it will never get better. But if you have a day like where you're desperate, just tell yourself no, not today, I won't smoke today - and the next day you will feel better again! And then one day it will dawn on you that picking up a cig and lighting it is honestly the last thing in the world you'd want to do, even in the most stressful or most drunken or most relaxed situations. You will be FREEEEEE! And it's bloody marvellous!!

You CAN do this. And this forum is just the place to help.

Welcome :)



Good luck Mrs M you can do this:)


good luck mrsm, i too gave up 15days ago due to ill health and being told i had the start of COPD :(

so with my champix i started but had to come off them so now cold turkey but loving the extra fresh air thats in my lungs and also not smelling of fags, was with a heavy smoker all day yesterday and my clothes and hair smelt disgusting, couldnt believe i smelt like that all the time and that i put my kids through also smelling like that,:eek:

as with other advice i also find take 1 day at a time is the best as the idea forever is a very hard thing to think of when quitting, also ive found this forum is great somewhere u can sound off, moan or even tell others of your achievements everybody is great here and so helpful

Good luck you can do this:D

Sian xx


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