No Smoking Day
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Hi All

Hope you are all well?

Well, I've started my 3rd week and today is the first day back at work after 5 days off on holiday.

I have been doing reasonably well whilst I was off but today is just AARRGGHHHHHH!!!

I want to shout, laugh, cry, kick, punch, scream, sleep ..... anything!!

I think its as I have so many triggers in work, mostly stress related I suppose.

Trying to reduce stress by delegating more as I have always tried to do everything myself (I manage a small team of 6).....

This is just so annoying!

I just wan't to be back to my happy and confident self...well I'm sure that's how I used to feel anyway.....:confused:

Truth be told, I don't think I know how I feel or how I felt .....

I feel so in limbo at the moment .... like everything is on hold!

Oh well, best get back to it.

Thanks for letting me rant a little

Take care


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Hay Greg,

Welcome to the "week 3 blip" most of us hit it around this time, but please rest assured after this "blip" you will feel 10 times stronger, it's those demons trying to kick the feet from under you when you least expect it ... you know that last big body muscle spasm you see happen to the "baddies" in films before they keel over lol ...thats what teh nicotine and teh poisons are doing...having a hissy spasm

Ride it out, I just sat on the floor and bawled my eyes out, got angry with myself, kicked a few leaves up teh garden..and within the 2 hrs I was ontop of teh world...and still am

Hang on in there buddy you are stronger that IT


Hi Greg,

If the office is getting you down can you escape for a little walk?

I found that when I have struggled at work its always been cause I've missed the physical break smoking gives from the desk, the screen and the moorons I work with!!! A quick walk round the block usually works wonders to relive stress! (but if you're craving bad maybe leave your wallet in the office so you're not tempted to buy any!)


Keep going, Nifty....we have similar quit dates....and I have had a couple of those awful days...but as Short Stuff has already said you do feel so much stronger the next day....hang on in there!!!


As the previous posters have said. you just need to grit your teeth and get on with it Greg, this WILL get better even if it doesn't seem like it will at the moment. Keep on keeping on!


Keep going Greg your doing well just think we have beaten wk 2 of addiction and were staring at wk 3:)

I know how your feeling I'm at work with my heavy smoking client and I'm craving like mad, even arguing with my self saying just have 1 fag then on the other hand saying NO I can't wait till 6 to get my self away from temptation and go home to sulk

Sorry supposed to be giving u support and I'm moaning too

Stay strong Greg you can do this

Sian xxx


Well done Sian. You keep having to spend days with this client of yours, and it must be very testing for you. Yet you keep beating the temptations! Brilliant !!!


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