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Almost 6 months

Hi guys,

Just a quick update, I am still here,completed 5 months. I decided not to move into the "6 months room" yet, I will post there when I complete my 6 calendar months :) I am so exited about it.

Well, we just had Amsterdam Dance Event here, so I had a very crazy party weekend, and I was so pride of myself, I didn't go to smoking room in the clubs :) And witch is better, I didn't even miss it. I feel perfect without the fags, and I love that I can take deep breathes and I can run longer in the gym.

So I don't even think to start again, because for me this quit is a big big positive change. I wish to show this to all of my smoker friends...but well,I think they get tired of me saying to 'stop smoking' so i just share this with you guys now ;)

Enjoy non-smoking life, it is amazing!


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Well done!

Oh wow,you have done so well Atilla! That sounds like a fab fun weekend you had there. Well done for stayingg smoke free. You are well on your way now. Be very very proud of yourself.:)


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