No Smoking Day
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Raising a glass to you all

Hi Everyone,

Just enjoying a beer without needing to smoke and wanted to say thank you to all the un-paid counsellors ( successful quitters ) that inspire us newbies and a HUGE good luck wish to all of us noobs on our journey.

I understand what Sian said yesterday when she said she didn't want to sound like a moaner, as I'm sure we all sound the same at the start!

I know I do!:o

There have been some glimmers of light today, very faint in the distance, but now I know they are there I hope we never stop looking at them.:)

Hope everybody has a great day tomorrow, think my wife has got so much planned I may regret having another beer!! ... oh stuff it, we only live once, but maybe now, a little longer!:D

Take care All,



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Good for you nifty...enjoy. Just keep up the boycotting of fags and you will do just fine.You are gaining your freedom back, that is so important. Don't ever give it up again. And think of all you gain from quitting? Health, clean smelling clothes, no need to take a break and freeze outside to have one.Good looking skin again. The chance to breath and smell, the list goes on but you get the idea....Good for you again and keep it up...ppat


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