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Getting better

[PHP][/PHP]Hi everyone, nice to see some familiar faces are still frequenting this wonderful site and all still doing well it seems, last time I visited I was reading books recovering from serious chest infections and watching while the odd person with no face fell by the wayside back to the chain of need and addiction.

It seems the chest infections were one infection that was deep seated and had been present for a long time masked so well by the side effects of smoking or at least the expected consequences off smoking for twenty nine years.

The books I had been reading and had anticipated as a great series had a disappointing ending and turned out to be written by an author wrapped up in his own hype, shame really but there you go.

The no facers I view with a mixture of envy (because i still want to smoke) and smugness (because I still haven't caved in) I still crave from time to time, I'm still addicted, the stats however still don't lie and here they are for a 15 a day smoker!

I have been 254 days or 36.2 weeks or 9 months smoke free the equivalent of 3810 cigarettes , 34290 drags on said cigs, saving myself £1333.50.

And for the biggy there have been 2.2 million deaths worldwide based on WHO data since I gave up smoking. Best wishes to you all and for some reasonable free books try Angela White on iBooks the survivor series lots of smoking references but twill only make you stronger!;)

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