cant believe i made my family breath in my smoke

After yesterday of craving and almost breaking thankfully i didnt :D

I've been with my heavy smoker client for 10 hours and cant believe how bad i smelt when i left i also have a sore throat from 2nd hand smoking.:eek:

Actually whats hit me hardest is the fact ive made my kids and partner smell and put up with my smoking for years and i feel bloody awful for it :mad:

I wish id have realised earlier, but i can be thankful my 3 kids are very healthy so keeping smoke free from now on will ensure it keeps that way :D

Sian xx

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  • Hi Sian,

    Well done coping with those ten hours.

    Sounds like you have discovered a bloody good reason to stay a non smoker :)

    Hope you have a good day tomorrow,

    Take care


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