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Im sorry

that i havent been around that much lately to offer my support to you all

ive been having alot of personal probs that just keep piling up and my mind is just all over the place :(

i hate feeling like this and i am trying to come to terms with everything that is going on so even though i may not be posting i still try and pop on to just read the updates of those especially that quit in october as that is the month i quit

even though ive had plenty of occasions to give into the inner smoker telling me one will help :eek:

ive not it is do able to stay quit and i love having the control back of that side to me and i am part of the N.O.P.E group for life

this place and the people on here are a very special bunch and i do appricate all the all the kind words that have helped me in so many ways

dont worry i will return with my cat pics as i know how much everyone loves them :D

kitten update sadly 3 are leaving us tomorrow to new homes they have been such a joy to see grow and one more is going next weekend

even though i said we werent keeping any of them

one has won my heart over :D

he is just so adorable and is the grey and white one in the pics i posted i will update some more soon

right im of for now

and remember never ever give up trying to give up not everyone gets there the first or even the 20th time you just have to pick yourself up put that attempt to the back of your mind and try again

take care all x

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(((hugs))) carol - hope your problems are sorted out soon and your life gets back on track. We miss you round here, but never doubted for a second that you were still a non-smoker!




Hi Carol, I sent you a pm


Hurry back Carol to brighten up our days xxx


Good to have you back Carol. I loved those kittens by the way. Keep smiling.

Evie x


Hey Carol, so sorry to hear you have been having probs and hope they all get sorted soonest xxxx We defo miss you and your cat pics on here :( and hope you can come back soon :)

I have been through a difficult patch myself but I reckon facing and dealing with our problems can only make us stronger, and we can feel so proud of ourselves when we come out the other side. But you know that already ;) Wish I could apply that to my smoking quit though lol, but at least I am back in Day 1 and six hours in :p

Wishing you all the best Carol and take care of yourself,


Zoe xxxx


Hi Carole, sorry to hear you are having troubles I hopr they get sorted out soon for you. You are missed on here Carole we have lots of newbies who need your insight and wisdom and very very helpful advice.xxxx


You are such a forum stalwart, Carol - always there, always supportive - and I'm sorry to hear you're going through a difficult patch. I think some of us will always have to watch out for those times when temptation tries its hardest to lure us back to smoking - so am glad to hear you remain committed to the principle which has proved its worth so many times over, for so many of us. Long live NOPE - always!




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