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Dizzyness & Vertigo

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced vertigo and dizzyness after taking and then stopping champix?

I took them for 8 days but the morning after my first day taking the higher dose, I woke up with terrifying vertigo - I literally could not get out of bed and the room was violently spinning. My husband rang my GP who told me to stop taking the champix.

That was 6 days ago and I haven't had a cigarette for 4 days - I am using NRT patches and an inhalator. I am just about coping without cigarettes however I am still very dizzy if I look up at the ceiling or bend forwards to get something off the floor. Also if I turn over in bed I have 'room spinning' vertigo for a few seconds, then it subsides.

Has anyone else experienced this side effect from Champix and how long is this likely to go on for now that I have stopped taking them?

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see your GP

I have taken Champix but did not have these symptoms I have had vertigo though and that came about because I used a cotton bud to clean my ears( I know not nice but true) and apparently that is not advisable. I would go and visit your GP and see if that is a side effect of Champix.

Vertigo is horible I woke up with my wardrobes on the ceiling and I thought I had something very serious wrong with me. My doctor said if you want to clean your ears again use your elbow, it took about 6 weeks to get better.

I hope you feel better soon.


All iv bin is dizzy since giving up nearly 5 months ago.

But ATM I do t no if its to do will giving up or the test iv got go see me doctors for. But it's only ever since I have gave up smoking iv had theses dizzy spells. Even when I lie down I get them. Sum times it feels like I'm gonna pass out.

I never used champix I used patches for a few weeks.


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