No Smoking Day
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Ding dong!!!!

Well hellooooo Month 2! - I'ma very pleased to meet you.

After Celebrating 4 weeks a couple of days ago then it is fabulous that a calendar month follows hot on its heels.


Have been swimming this morning, and notice that i can do more (i was really quite crap) i panic less as i can breathe more and i went in the sauna, which i never used to do because it felt like it was burning the back of my throat... and it was lovely. Soooo i'd say that my throats starting to heal itself nicely.

Its all a little journey and most days i notice something that is new/i couldn't do before when i was a stinky, tight chested lethargic smoker.

Hooray for freeeeedom! xx

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Well done Zozie. That's great going into month 2 :D.You should be super chuffed, you've done a great thing! x


So pleased for you zozie. You are a great quit buddy!


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