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High on oxygen!

Oh yeah lol high as a kite! Been reading up and the dizziness is literally a result of my body readjusting to receiving the appropriate amount of oxygen it needs, instead of being perpetually starved of oxygen. Seeing my doctor in 3 days anyway, just in case.

Been increasingly dizzy, and thus spending loads of time in bed just trying to warm up and calm down. And been reading endless amounts of testimonials, drawing strength from that and from the inspirational posts of my fellow quitters as well as from the support of my friends and my incredible, amazing yo daughter.

I'm at a tough place right now, but not regretting it for a second or wanting to smoke. My life has changed so phenomenally since I haven't been smoking that thinking about it just makes me want to cry. Just being able to breathe properly, after having to fight for breath for years, is amazing. I've also been able to take up activities I used to enjoy. Like eating. Seriously.

It hurts to think that I was smoking so much that the nicotine just decimated my appetite to the extent that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Or that somewhere during the past almost-19 days my hiatus hernia, effects from ulcers etc have disappeared. What was I thinking all those years?

Oh, and the polyps in my nose seem to have mysteriously stopped growing, and the swelling has gone down! So suddenly I can not merely breathe, but I have a choice between whether I want to breathe through my nose or my mouth.

I am really praying that the disorder that my daughter developed as a result of infection caused by my smoking, a rare eye condition called Brown's Syndrome, will also soon be gone.

I hope that reading this may in some small way also help someone else like me stop.


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Hi shanita, yes quitting really does have some amazing effects. All of which are weird but good. I loved the dizzy feeling but alas it only lasted until about day 4. I'd love to have that back.

So glad you are seeing the benefits.

Stay strong my friend.


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