What has worked for me! Perhaps unconventional?

Hi all, this is my first time back on this site since my "day 3" post back in July.

Without wishing to sound cocky, I think I may have cracked it! :D

Thought I might suggest a few ideas that maybe aren't conventional, but I have found to help me trememdously:

~ Not keeping track of the days ~

VERY hard to begin with but, for me, helped lots after a while (I had search my older posts on here just now to find the date!). I guess it stopped me thinking about how little time had past, especially in the initial stages. I realise keeping an accurate calendar has helped many before and i'm not disputing that, but for me it was the opposite.

~ Not isolating myself from smokers ~

Putting aside the obvious passive smoking issues, i found this to be a surprise help with quitting. I have always, even when smoking, disliked the smell of smokers and cigarette smoke so it just puts me of smoking even more. Particularly my boss who smokes cigars, they are horrible and almost make me gag. It is such a relief leaving a smoking shelter with my friends and returning to the relative fresh air of the pub!

~ Mental attitude + reading ~

Another piece of conventional advice is to write down reasons for quitting when the going gets tough. Again I am not saying this doesn't work as I personally know people who have used this in their quitting arsenal before. However, I prefer to distance myself from thinking about it on any level. I guess on the outside what may appear as quite "blokey", to just put your head down and grind on through it and try to forget about it, is actually what I find REALLY helpful. If I get a twinge, or earlier on in my journey a craving, I found reading about other people's discomfort - discomforting! ( I realise I am on a quitting smoking forum site!!!:D)

I hope you have gotten something out of this, remember this is just what i have found to work for me and I consider myself fairly normal so some of the above should work for others too!! :D

~ SM22

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  • Thanks for sharing. Although it may not be the way of choice for a lot it's nice for anyone new to the site to see the options available.

  • Posts like yours are so important. If quitting smoking was formulaic we'd all be succeeding and failing in the same way. The differences are what help me, and I'm sure others, see that as long as they are staying off the baccy they're doing OK.

    Well done.

  • Seems a perfect for me

  • Thought I might suggest a few ideas that maybe aren't conventional, but I have found to help me tremendously:

    ~ Not keeping track of the days ~

    ~ Not isolating myself from smokers ~

    ~ Mental attitude + reading ~

    The saddest thing about this quote is that this, or something very similar, is exactly what the majority of long-term quitters would recommend.

    It's a shame to say that 'conventional' just sticks you in the 6 out of 100 success pile.

    The plan is to quit smoking not follow a programme. :rolleyes:

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