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Day 4 onwards...


Well today was hard, It's just been 1 of those horrible days that hit smokers and non smokers. I went out with my mates tonight who all smoke. I was doing ok for along time but then I thought I couldnt cope anymore so I brought a e cig which is probally a bad thing to of done but It had more of a positive effect on me. After I took a few breathes on that It clicked with me that I'm not addicted now..this does nothing for me I don't need it anymore.

It's a tough time in my personal life so many things are changing. My job is coming to a end. I never really liked the people I was hanging around with but today it clicked with me also, Why am I hanging around with these people. When I was smoking and drinking with them it was ok although I still was not enjoying it. Today though I realised I'm ready to move forward with my life in everyway.

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It is amazing how packing up smoking can lead to other changes in your life.

It's like a catalyst to do a life "spring clean" and it does feel good.

I replied today to your previous thread, take a look here...

Keep on keeping on Warrior :cool:

Thanks captain :) I just replied also :D

How long have u been smoke free?

I'm glad today is over, I still feel down about the day I had but I'm when I wake up in the morning I'll be happier.

I nearlly had a slip today but I managed through it... not in the way I would of liked but it actually was a poz thing.

This day and these cravings just pissed me off and now I'm more determend then ever to never smoke again.

I smoked for 31 years and have been smoke free for 8 months now.

I'm over it and will never smoke again :cool:

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