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One of the strange changes I've encountered since I quit is shaving. My face has become incredibly sensitive and sore, since there is no change in my technique or style I can only put it down to the quit. Thing is I don't know why - any ideas or am I the only one experiencing this. Maybe it's the same on ladies legs and stuff.


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  • Lol, now I've heard everything!


  • Lol, now I've heard everything!


    Wow, you're easily pleased;)

  • Can't say I've experienced this york. Are you sure you are still using a razor!?;)

  • Seems an odd side effect, but it could be something to do with blood vessels being less constricted, increased blood flow to the skin etc - I would go and buy yourself a super-sensitive shaving balm and see if that does the trick. If it is anything to do with the quit, it'll likely wear off soon.

    H x

  • Nope, that's definitely a strange one!

    I had TERRIBLE mouth ulcers, the worst cough I can remember ever having but no sensitivity.

    ~ SM22

  • This stopping smoking is just the weirdest thing immaginable. Today I'm salivating like a mad dog!

    However I wouldn't swop my worst craving day for my happiest smoking day.

  • Nowt odd about it as since iv have up bin 5 months.. And I'm a girl btw my face is always sore and itchy and breaks out in spots..

    Tonight I'm having a rely sore night keep moaning to the fella that me face is sore Manly over my top lip and fore head..

    And I wish theses spots Wud just do one. I'm 30 in a few not 13 lol.,

  • My skin isn't sore in the least, but it has gotten a lot softer since I quit... A few pimples, but really very little.

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