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Turning to 40

When humans turn 40, a few people get grumpy, they hide away underneath the covers as they really don't want the world to see what god has produced 40 years later and for some times proves it has not been ones best friend, in fact there worst enemy. But for some, not only marks a significant day and are extremelly happy with the fact they turn 40 and there Clinque has done them justice by looking only 20 years old, they go out there and celerbrate and show the world what there made of, Now your probably wondering whey im rabiling on again. Well if you have not already guessed its my 40th, not in age and since i stopped my smoking, my skin has become so clear it now looks like i have not been dipped in acid and dragged under a bus.

Such an acheivement to reach this stage. Yes there have been up's and downs and times when I just want to rip some people a new a.s hole for just breathing the same air as me. But ultimatly I feel very proud to get this far. I do feel some days amazing and there are days I want to ball my eyes out ( like the time I watched titanic )

Today is a good day in stop smoking acheivements and i'm startng to learn more and more about myself and my habits, faults reasons for smoking. Bascially i was scared to stop as i did not like hte person I become for the weeks i stayed off them when i was not allowing myself to heel, and adjust to the new person. Its still hard at times but they are shorter and shorter.

Nothing much else to report :-)

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well done.

well done seems such a small thing to say for such a big achievement.

But its brilliant,fantastic and inspirational.

Good post:D


Again I will say keep at it. I'm a few steps ahead of you waving and keep checking to make sure you are still there. I don't want to turn around and see that you have vanished so you best be behind me all the way to the penthouse.


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