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Back in the saddle for a 6th week

Woo Hoo well done me getting into 6 weeks, i always thought there was more chance me going on the turn than ever getting to 6 weeks but hey ho proving myself wrong again :D

Ok so how was my weekend I can here you all ask with bated breath, did i murder anyone this weekend ? did i fly into one of my famous rages ? did i wallow in self pity and lay in bed feeling so sorry for myself and throwing a stoppy b1tch fit ? surprisingly no!

I am shocked myself to be honest, and sh1t as I type i just remembered i never had my champix today eeek!! well lets pretend I did so my warped brain does not go into a fit!

Ok so today I had my chammies and feel great.... done, next!!!

Anyways I was saying i have had rather great weekend, like a former self and never really thought of cigs unless someone brought it up. My chest is stil ltight and im sneezing but I so know im coming down with a cold but this is not withdrawal its down to my partner snotting all over me for the last 7 days!

We went to visit his gran this weekend who has been diagnosed with dementia, Sad I know but we must be greatful for the £10.00 birthday money that we got each week!!

the latter is not so true but in my sick mind it did make me chuckle when one of friends offered kind words of support anyways, she has that illness and was prepared to see her and get all upset but she was on a good day which made it great she remebered my partner :D she also smoked funny enough and quit when she was 62, quit 20 years go.

The day was just so calm, I ended up befriending Betty next door who was sat in her room waiting for the bus into town and thought i was going to the football match, bless her. Realy eye opener I tell you.

So of we we wento for a noice stroll along the beach with mother in law, fine wine in the evening watching x factor, again no smoking cravings but that could be as i past out after the third bottle im not so sure!!! anyways.

well done everyone for your on going support, guidance, and to all newbies as always you wont want to batter people for long so you keep in there love....


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Hey Derek!

Well done on your weekend, sounds like a good one! :D

Its really fab when you get quite leathered and still dont have/want to have a smoke, most heartening indeed, i refrained from the hot stapler action with my boss's head, it was close but i managed to think about the wages at the end of the month and some nice fly boots that i had my eye on for the winter.... hahaha. safe for now... mwaaah hahahah (fades into eeevil laughter)

Keep on keeping on, and dont leave it too long before a famous outpouring, i love readin em!

Zo x


congarts to you Derek. you are a star. Stay strong.



As always a great positive post to read Derek and raised a few smiles too hehe

Your doing a fab job

i would say keep it up



:rolleyes:you dont seem to need any help with that one ;)



Well done Derek. You know that in a couple of years time you will be playing an active role on this forum advising newbies how to get through. You need to come up with a persona though and bear in mind that Carol already has crazy cat lady lol

I'm a few days ahead and waving back at you - can you see me?


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