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Yep the cravings fade-but only if you stay quit!

I think whats made a real difference to me is the awareness that for the 20 years that I have been a smoker I have never ever been free of cravings. Of course it also holds true that I am currently experiencing even stronger cravings, but at least I know for sure that those are temporary.

I can remember soooooo many times that I heard of other people going to the cinema, and momentarily wanting to go too.... until I remembered that I simply couldn't go that long without desperately needing a cigarette, having to interrupt everybody's movie with me standing up, leaving, and then coming back ten minutes later, and worrying how much of the movie I'd missed. So very many times when a non smoking restaurant looked interesting, but I declined to go in on the basis of their non smoking policy. I used to brag about it, but now it's just plain sad that I couldn't even go through the c-section birth of my one and only most-beautiful-girl-in-the-world daughter without being totally distracted from the moment by cravings. Only 6 hours afterwards, instead of relishing the precious moments with her I was sitting outside smoking, even while my wounds were oozing blood which was literally dripping on the floor.

Or being at work, one eye always on the clock for when I can afford to take the next smoke break, and then frantically spending that break not taking my mind off of things and relaxing but frantically rushing to get coffee, go to the loo, and force feeding myself as much nicotine in as short a time as possible to ward off the cravings enough that I can concentrate on work for a change.

Now my life is no longer determined by the timetable of a captor that seems so very benign as it relieves me of the discomfort caused by my cravings. Instead I live according to a timetable created by ME. Which includes the privilege which was denied me before: breathing comfortably.

Every day I am astounded by how very little I crave cigarettes now. I live with 2 people who smoke, but my only reaction is pity for their suffering, and inestimable gratitude for my own miracle.

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Hey S, your soing so so well, and I can tell by your writing you ate going to do this! I ear the confidence as you wright.

I like you live with a smoker who has no intention to smoke, im in the deep end like you and you have to learn to swim fast to stay a float! i am now so used 5 weeks on with my partners smoking i dont even notice the smell anymore, we live in a lovely 1 bed apartment in london ( not sure if you been to london ) tey really small here like 55 square meters lol he smokes in kitchen with extractor fan on out the window so its contained. I still go in there with him whe nhe has one. I wish he would stop but i wont say anything as that was what i hated the most when i smoked with my ex non smoker partners.

I also feel so free, my mind comes and goes on the bad days its hard to focus on anything but fags but its only hours not all days and the 5 overall good days im so strong, the feeling of breathing, going out here is not a problem as everywhere bar/club/ restaurant is non smoking but what is nice, is going into a restaurant and not looking for my escape to go outsmoking then coming worrying coming in stinking and putting people of there food! thats all gone and i love it.

my work is improving as i no longer think aboaut going for a smoke i have more time on my hands again its amazing feeling im right there with you on that.

Kepp going you have a long road ahead however, think of the now only and not tomorrow then it gets so much easier :-)

derek x


Hi Shanita :)

and well done on getting into your quit your sounding positive which is the main key to stay in that mindset but just be aware of those pesky thoughts of one wont hurt or one will help :eek: its all lies

yep having the control in your life back is brilliant

not having to think twice about going anywhere and worrying about looking out for smoking areas :eek: and even worse thinking no one can smell it on you when you do smoke

staying focused on your goals and making sure your putting the money you are saving away so you can treat yourself you deserve it and its lovely to pamper yourself :)

look forward to reading your future posts




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