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No Smoking Day
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Week 3 for me

1st day of week 3 and I'm still here, what a good feeling!

Yes, it has sometimes been hard getting used to not smoking but it's getting easier as each day goes by so I'm not going to give in now.

The first three days were the hardest of all I think, cigarettes seemed to be constantly on my mind and I had to try very hard to keep my emotions and irrational thoughts of 'needing' to smoke in check. After that it did get a bit easier and with every day that passed my dependence on smoking started to decrease to the point I've arrived at today - even though I don't want to smoke I do still get the urge every now and again but it no longer 'drives me up the wall', I know I don't have to smoke.

Yes I've still got a long way to go but I'm feeling much more confident that I can stay quit now, I know it's up to me and my willpower to stay strong.

I'm saving money, feeling better about myself in so many ways and so glad that I'm finally trying once and for all to beat this smoking addiction that I've relied on for such a long time.

If I could put the clock back the one thing I wouldn't do would be to smoke. It is a hard habit to break and I never realised just how addictive it actually is.

There is no magic cure unfortunately and everyone I've spoken to who has successfully quit has told me that the secret of success is wanting to do it and accepting the challenges and pain that sometimes go hand in hand with it in the knowledge that this won't last forever. It does get easier!

Here's hoping week 3 will be a good one.


ps Where are all the other Olympic Quitters and how are you all getting on?

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Congratualtion Linda. I can see you've got the measure of this thing. Before you know it you'll be 6 weeks, 8 weeks etc etc. Great positive and very sensible post. :)


Welll done Linda on reaching week 3:)

thats a great positive post and its true it does get easier at the moment your still going through the first things still so will still get reminders of i used to smoke when i done this or after i done that

but not too far into the future you will go a whole day without even thinking about smoking :eek: and then think omg when you realise

keeping a positive mindset is the key to staying quit and not getting complacement because that smoking head will try different ways to tempt you back normally by saying

one wont hurt

but as long as you ignore and distract your mind till the thought goes the stronger you will become

you have the power now :D

onwards and upwards is the way to go




Thankyou DippyEgg,

I think I am 'getting the measure' of this thing but I hope I'm not sounding as if I'm finding it too easy. I dont want to, and won't, go back to smoking but the temptation is still there from time to time testing my willpower but I am noticing that it is becoming less and less.

Although I'm not really counting the days it is a good feeling, especially if it has been a bit of a difficult day on the quit front, to add another one to my list.

The encouoragement from people like yourself on this forum is definitely an enormous help to me and I have found some of the information and tips on here really useful.

However, and this is just my own personal observation, I have noticed recently that there has been a bit of hostile backlash to some of the more thought provoking threads on here. I'm all for healthy debate but not when it deteriorates into 'tit for tat' argument.

I know there might be some who may be reading this who will be thinking "Well if you don't like it you don't have to join in with the forum" and, if that is the case, it will only prove the point I am trying to make.

In my opinion everyone who comes on here and posts is entitled to their own opinion but it is a shame that occasionally some threads are often reduced to spiteful argument rather than healthy debate. I agree that we are all entitled to our own freedom of speech but I think it is easier, when we cannot agree in any way with another's point of view, to just practise 'economy of words' and agree to differ.

We are all different, there is no 'right and wrong' when you are trying to stop smoking and we all have our own approach to it - heaven knows, it's hard enough without falling out with one another.



Thankyou Carol for your respone to my earlier 'positive' post, it is people like you who are giving me the strength and determination to see this quit out.

I know I've still got miles to go but I think I am heading in the right direction now.

I hope you don't think the post before this one was too negative, I didn't mean to make it sound that way.



Glad to hear it Linda :)

taking one day at a time is the way to go some people think way to far ahead

and def having a positive mind helps to keep you motivated

i can relate to what you said your other post there are flare ups on here when some dont agree on other peoples opinion :(

it is hard especially as its the written word and can be taken the wrong way after all its not the same as talking to someone face to face you cant see the expression or hear the tone of voice

plus the fact that going through the withdrawel of quitting can make your more emotional especially getting angry and upset doesnt help

at the end of the day you cant please all the people most of the time and your not going to always agree either

in real life with people you know its bad enough

deep breathes and counting to 10 helps :rolleyes: or better still a couple of rolos to munch on yummy:p


Congrats Linda, as we both enter day one of week 3 :-) your doing so do well, i also found some very trying times but got through it! no i feel like amazing, eveything is improving, yes that urge is there sometimes but about 70% its gone, biggest one is food i no longer get that empt feeling when finishes, eating returned back to normal its amazing :-)



Well done Linda. Soon you will be saying I have been quit one month and then two, it really does pass quickly..... good luck to you.


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