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Just thought I would write my first post here since I stopped cold turkey on the 9th July 2012. I've tried to stop a few times last year I done 9 weeks. This time I'm confident but you have to be 'not one puff ever' or I'l be back to square one. I've been cycling a lot but my bikes been out of action for a week so went for a run tonight and feel so much better. The demon thoughts had started to come back the last few days.

I've still been having my weekly beer intake at weekends and coffee in the mornings and afternoon which I know probably make me think about the cancer sticks more often. My wife smokes so basically I can't hide from them so I'm hitting everything head on which might be making it harder but hey that's life I can do it. it's not fecking easy tho.

Anyway just thought I would say hi and good luck to all the 3 weekers.

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Well done Lenny!

I'm in awe of you - I KNOW I couldn't have got this far if my partner was still smoking!

Keep strong!:)

Welcome Lenny and well done on your quit.

Good for you for not avoiding your normal smoking triggers and getting through them. I believe you have to deal with them not hide from them. Each one you get over gives you the strength to get over the next one. We prove to ourselves it can be done.

My hubby continued smoking through all of my previous quits. At home he smoked outside but not in the car :eek: Can't really say it made me want one. I failed because of me not him!!

You will find so much support here. Rant, rave, share your successes :D

Wishing you well, almost one month done already ;)

Gaynor xx

Hello! Congrats on quitting! I'm on day 17 and I never realized how much it affected your body after you quit because now were going through this tough time. I kind of used it as a turning point in my life. I had 2 options and smoking cigarettes beat the other option! So what I'm saying is its not easy and it's more of a new lifestyle so once you accept that it will become easier. Not saying from experience because I am a few steps behind. But getting super educated and completely believing in yourself with no doubt has been helpful!

Cheers to a new lifestyle! I try to celebrate not smoking as much as I can because it's a strong willed trait you can keep with you forever.

Alicia :)

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