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Day 16!

Good morning! Well for me that is.. So I've had the flu for the past 2 days and same with my boyfriend (non smoker) so my last post was just side effects of the flu.. Boo! I might be able to leave the house today! The anxiety has completely gone away.. It got so bad it was messing with my nerves. I was to the point where little things that I would not care about would just be on my mind and bother me. Much glad that it's gone now! It's nice to not have that mental crave anymore!

It's also awesome that I feel like me again after 16 days! I've never felt this way because I started at age 15 and stopped at age 20. So sad to admit but I don't remember ever feeling this healthy before!

Thanks all for your support!! Today I'm getting re-enrolled in college! :-)


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Well done Aliiciia! So glad that you're feeling more like yourself.

I remember a few months after I first quit I was walking down the street in springtime and I kept thinking 'why does everything smell like my childhood'? And then it hit me - the last time I'd smelt spring properly was in my teens. It smelt so delicious!

There's loads of stuff like that to rediscover. Full lung function - big bonus! :D

Congratulations. And keep going, no matter what.

Helen x


I'm so happy fluffy bunny, go bouncy have a good time...

I'm almost gay, lol.




Well that is good news Aliiciia! Glad you are feeling so much better! Enjoy your new found freedom!


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