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Ha 9 Months today

Well, dont even know why im on here but i just clicked on, checked the date and its 9 months today:D

Cant believe ive made it this far. Finding it very easy at the minute so hopefully it continues like that.

Hope all the other October quitters are still here. Im very bad at not logging in these days!

Good luck to all those who are in the first hours, days, weeks, months of quitting. You can do it!!

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9 months!

Well done on reaching 9 months fantastic achievement!:)


9 months - fab achievement. Can't wait till I get there! Well don you. :D





Im loving reading all these plus 6 months posts its great to see so many getting this far

your helping many that are just starting on there quit to read these posts and giving them a boost

im looking forward to seeing you in the penthouse :)

onwards and upwards is the way to go


Aww andiebaby, well done fellow october quitter. I'm still here too (only just- nearly had a bit of a wobble but got through it). Massive congrats for such a big milestone. You'll see the penthouse soon my dear and then we can have a drink there together.

Lisa x


Indeed Lisa, i will be there after you so order me a double lol.

Thank you to everyone for all the well dones! I feel great ;)xx


good to see another october quitter still free . mashx


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