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Cold Turkey - Day 8

Nearly at the end of day 8 now an have gone completly smoke and nicotine free. Certain Days are better than others but on the whole it's generally getting better.

Interestingly the addiction and the forcefulness of the cravings have gone down, but headaches, dizzyness has gone up.

Can anyone tell me whats it's like after a month an when do you start to notice a real turning point.



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Hi Alex

Congrats and welcome. Well done for getting to Day 8 CT. Lots of good advice and support on here.

Good news - your body is now nicotine free - so any 'sense' of crave is all in your mind! :eek: Main thing now is to stay focussed on your decision to stop and stay stopped! How long till it gets better is difficult to answer, as everyone's different. About 3 weeks and you'll start to feel more in control. But keep your guard up - I've just had a couple of bad days at 16 weeks, and so have others who are further ahead.

Read plenty on here, we have some brilliant advocates who have been there, done that, and can offer us advice, support and most importantly reassurance.

Also have a look at the 'other symptoms ...' section. You'll find that there are masses of symptoms which manifest in different ways at different times. Sleep disturbance, anxiety, nausea, headaches, dizziness, confusion, are very common in the early days and weeks, and sometimes months.

Well done - stay strong! :D



Can anyone tell me whats it's like after a month an when do you start to notice a real turning point.

Hey Alex

personally speaking, I passed a month 10 days ago, and the passage into exactly one month was very odd; I found the next day I wasn't thinking about ciggies all the time, I didn't crave like I had done in week 4 (which I did more than in week 1 & 2 in a lot of ways) was like I had crossed a threshold, very strange.

I'm not saying that it will be like that for you, this is just my experience. A week on from that, smoking now seems like a long time ago for me but in a very positive way. I still have to do the right things though, like avoiding the smoking area at work; I'm taking no chances.

I remember in week 2 nearly caving in, I posted on here in those forums about how I nearly gave in to it but didn't.....seems ages ago now! :D

Plough on, you're doing great, if you get to 38 days like I am today, hopefully it will seem like a long time ago for too!


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