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Question for Everyone

Hello again

Today is day 26 of cold turkey for me. I was wondering though, at what point does this tiredness wear off? I have never slept as much as I have lately.

Question 2. My depression seems to be lifting a litte. The symptom I am notcing the most is my vision seems to be a little "slow." The best way to describe it is when I used smoke everything seemed a little more in focus..where as now I seem to be a little behind everything...I also still feel a little light headed here and there.

I went to my doctor last friday and I was good on heart rate and BP. Has anyone had these types of symptoms?

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Hi there,

Tiredness is one of the most common symptoms of giving up. It's likely related to your body fighting to regain control over all the damage you've been doing to yourself while you were smoking. Some people feel tired for a few days, some for a few weeks (like me), and some for a few months.

Best thing to do is to start an exercise routine to get your body used to pumping adrenaline again.



Thanks Alex.

Today I actually started a routine of going for a walk before working and doing some dumbells. The funny thing is before I quit smoking I was at the gym 4 days a week for an hour a time. I also am going to try to start getting some omega 3 in my diet to help with mood-vision and energy.

Any thoughts on question 2?


My guess would be blurred or foggy vision is also a side-effect of quitting, and at least in my case is often related to lack of proper sleep / nutrition. If you exercise and take multi-vitamin supplements for a couple of weeks, the symptoms will like go away. If not, best to see your gp.



I read on here in my first week that any physical "weirdness", within reason and safety of course, could usually be put down to quitting as, has been stated, your body's in a state of gradual repair.

I certainly had the tiredness, I was nearly nodding off at work at times at one point, and I had a few issues with dizzy spells so just boosted my sugar intake when this happened which sorted it, which lead me to think it was probably the metabolism issue I read about, blood sugar levels were a bit out of whack? Don't recall any vision issues apart from being tired :)

If in doubt see your GP would be my advice, but I never had any of the above seriously enough to have to do so myself.


how old are you Iew? Once you hit 40 the blurriness around the eyes is an age-old thing that happens.

Exercise regime sounds a great plan - you're bound to have loads of energy and you need to channel it. I start my work-out tomorrow :rolleyes:


Hey guys

I am 29 (30 in septemeber) The best way to describe it is when I smoked I was like an attack cat..and now I feel like Eeyore from Whinne the Pooh lol. I almost feel like I am a little out of it still and my vision is kind like I had a few drinks. It is not blurry or foggy per se..just seems slow..Maybe still due to tiredness.

I will say I do feel a little better after some exercise today. I also will go back to taking my multi-vitamin. I have been uping my vitamin intake via a product called Bolthouse Farms. They make awesome fruit and veggie smoothies.

I am also going to add in a Omega 3 supplement. If any of you are interested it is a vegetarian form of omega 3 made by biotivia. Just ordered it today so will let you know.


I think for me...since I have always been extremely healthy, even while smoking, any little symptom or anything causes me to have anxiety..then I have anxiety about having anxiety..and it just kind of cycles. Then it's almost like I am waiting for something or looking to hard for symptoms. My doctor gave me a perscription of generic Zoloft but I am reallying trying to go the natural route before trying it.


Hi I'm 69 days smoke free.. And I'm still tired.. But that because I'm not getting much sleep at night.. And I still got a bit of anxiety but iv started to take kalms.. Since satday.. Noticed I have befn a lot calmer today.. Since iv give up my brain had been really fast.. Prob why I Carnt sleep as I'm thinking at the speed of light.


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