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Hi folks Andy here thought i would post in day 4 as it is my 4day with no evil weed ,i last posted in 2009 and then left the forum . :o

But started back on the EW 4months later which was a big mistake so this is my latest attempt to quit .

I am on day 4 with no cigs and finding it not easy but not hard if you no what i mean all this is with the help of champix i started on it on the 9 julywith the 22 as my quit date just feel a little grumpy at times so i have to watch for that :)

So all you folks in the same boat trying to stop keep at it be strong and we will crack this horrible habit together


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Hi Andy and welcome back. Well done on choosing to quit. I am sure we have all had failed attempts to quit in the past so don't be too hard on yourself. You're here now after all :)

The grumpy will pass. I was very emotional to begin with but that side of things has tailed off now.

Please keep us updated with your progress

Stay strong

Charlie :)


Quit 19th July 2012

20 a day for 16 years

Cold Turkey and this forum


Hiya, welcome back to the happy band of quitters!

Well done for kicking the habit in to touch again. You CAN do this.

Only this time, don't leave the forum. There's nothing like it for keeping you on the straight and narrow!! :D



Welcome back, Andy!

Please do make sure you stick around and use the forum for support. Oh, and watch out for that Helsbelles lady; she'll whip you into shape if you so much as dare to think about lighting up! :eek::D



Yeah, watch out for me, I'm proper scary. Grrrr. :D


:D cheers very much guys good to be back


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