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No Smoking Day
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Wii fit is not my friends anymore

Gave up smoking.. The first month felt too sick to eat proper.. So lost 6 pounds.. I work out all the time but I dont weigh me self everyday.. So fort I best do as when get sim jeans and fort theses size 12 ferl a bit snug.. Iv not only put the 6lb back on which that wouldn't have botherd me as I lost that from feeling ill.. But iv put on a extra 3 pound.. Well good job I'm having a salad for me tea :D.. Just wish the weight would go on my flat chest and not my ass and stomach

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Iv also found today a little bit hard too.. Think it's the sun.. Being in it with fag in hand normaly.. Even tho iv treated me self to new clothes feel a bit sad :(


Stick with it Shelly you have done so well to get this far, you have plenty of time to deal with the weight once you have the no smoking under control. I have just blown the dust off my wii fit and am really trying now to loose the weight I have put on. When it's a lovely day just sit outside and breathe in the lovely clean air instead of inhaling all that poison :D