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Quick visit

Haven't been around for a few months, so thought I would pop in and say hello.

Life has taken a few turns - the biggie was that Mr T had a serious stroke in April which has really turned our lives upside down. What a bummer - he stopped smoking soon after me, so it feels somewhat unjust. Between us, we provide a fine demonstration about how damaging smoking can be - ironic when this was something we started to do in order to look cool. But c'est la vie. :o

On the positive side, though, my quit is still strong - only a month away from my seat at the Penthouse, and nothing is going to stop me getting there.

Big hugs to you all - this is simply the best thing you can do for yourselves, so keep on trucking. :cool:

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Hi Mrs T it is good to see you posting on here again you have been missed :)

also glad to see your still going strong with your quit

but very sorry to hear about Mr T :(

hope he makes a speedy recovery

looking forward to see you in the penthouse :)




I'm not sure we've ever conversed on the forum Mrs T, but well done on your 11 months, congratulations on your inevitable grand entrance into the Penthouse and my thoughts, prayers and best wishes to Mr T in recovering soon. x x



Mrs T -good to hear from you. I read so many of your posts when I was lurking before quiting last year. Sorry to hear about Mr T, but so pleased to hear you are still smoke free. Best wishes to you both,




sorry to hear mr T has had a stroke. i hope he makes afull recovery, the best thing for both of you is to stay smoke free and risk free, im sure hes in good hands with you nursing him

Mash x


Sorry to hear about Mr T, hope he is recovering well, must have been a stressful time. Well done on the 11 months, you are a tower of strength to people on the forum, you kept my chin up on a few occasions so a massive well done and hope all is well with Mr T ;)


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