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Funeral Trigger

Sat thinking this afternoon, was at a funeral on Wednesday made me recall when I first quit. Nurse told us about triggers, and I thought this could be one for me, when it's convenient I get there just before the service and leave straight after. Used to get mingling with old friends and distant relations sometimes, didn't want to say just one iff someone offered me one at a bad time. Think I'm ok now but still on guard. David

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Funerals are very emotional and can lead to having a ciggy when your feeling upset and emotional :(

i know afew years ago i had been given up for afew months and had one to go to and it was an automatic thing to accept one when offered at the time when i was upset

i thought one wont hurt but with the wake and drinking soon got me back on the smoking wagon again :eek: its a very easy road to get back on in that situation

glad to read you prepared yourself for it David i know it was a sad time but it was also a proud time for you as you didnt give in


Carol x


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