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i smoked the cigarettes in big brother


in my dream last night i didnt really smoke any in real life

i dont know how many of you watch big brother but you know in the task they cut the cigarettes in half i dreamed i had those half cigarettes in my bag and cause they were only half cigarettes that made it ok to smoke them

i was stood at the bus stop near my mums house [i never catch a bus] and i remember there were people waiting for the bus so i walked way down the road as i was aware of how far my cigarette would polute the air, which is something i am still shocked at in real life how far that smoke smell actually travels as a smoker i used to think it was just immediately around me

anyways woke up abit upset but it does get to me like it used to soon forgot about it


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Haha, that's so funny - i've not had a smoking dream yet! :D

I watch BB & it's mad cos when they cut those cigs in half I was like yessss but a couple of weeks ago i'd have been slaggin' them off for that!!! :eek:

Denise x

Smoking dreams are common and scary :eek:

i only have them now and again now thank goodness the last one when i woke up i could smell the smoke and for afew seconds i actually thought i had started smoking again my heart was racing so hard and i was getting upset when then the reality hit me :eek:

i felt such an overwhelming relief when i realised that it was just a dream :o

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