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Day 6...only just!

OK, very weird today..seems to be between 8am and about 3pm are my worst times, mood really plummets. Had enough today, swear I would have lit up but was at work with no fags. Made peace with myself and my wife that I'd tried my best and when I got home I was going to have a smoke; I was sick of feeling angry, miserable, all the usual. The thought of having a cig when I got home cheered me up no end. So, got home, now about 3.30pm, thought about digging some fags out.....couldn't do it. I just could not bring myself to go through with it. It felt like "well, I feel a bit better now, maybe later? We'll see". Very very strange thing....I was all set to fall off the wagon, so to speak, then when the time came, couldn't! Hopefully this is good! I have no plans to smoke this late in the day, so day seven tomorrow? Mmmm...:)

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Well done for getting through today:) the first week can be really tough but I promise you it DOES get easier.

Maybe you're focusing too much on your quit. You said once you'd decided to smoke you felt better. I know it can be all consuming at first but life goes on with out them.

Onwards and upwards, tomorrow is another day and 1 week done:D


your doing so well getting that far in your quit :)

telling yourself that you will have one later everytime you get a crave is a way to help control the urge to smoke and as you found out when later came you couldnt/didnt want to smoke

everyone has there own way of dealing with the craves

just remember it does get easier :)



So today is the end of your 1st NO SMOKING week. :cool:That is a fantastic achievment.

The 1st week is the hardest, :( and you are going about it in the very best way.

I remember for the 1st couple of weeks, l used to mark off every hour, by the hour, then it went to every day, then every week, and so on. It is a good idea, to put the money you would have spent, in a jar, as when you see it mount up, it gives you an added incentive. :)



Sometimes when I was at my lowest ebb I would say to myself 'right that's it, I can't stand it any more, tomorrow I'm going to start smoking again, but I might as well just see out the rest of the day'. And what do you know, the next day would dawn, the crisis would be past, and I was able to keep going.

'One day at a time' isn't just empty words. In those early weeks you just have to focus on making the right choice each day, let tomorrow take care of itself.

Making that choice gets easier and easier. Promise. Hang in there, you're doing fab!!

Helen x


Thanks all, seven days indeed today, feel about as bad as yesterday, did the same thing though, told myself "if you want one, go ahead!". Then didn't bother. 10.30 tonight will be one week :)


Hellesbelles what wisdom you witter. It kept me going in my early quit and now im moving close to a year. one hour at a time angry bear if need be, its so do-able and moves you far far away from smoking.



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