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Week two of just saying no thanks

Thank you guys for all of the support and well wishes that have pushed me into week 2.

I'm doing great to be honest. Few problems and the occasional crave which passes in seconds, quite literally. My anger problems have subsided considerably, which is a huge relief, but they were understandable because I had other things gong on that exacerbated everything.

I started quitting using a combination of gum, patches and an Ecigarette. My ecig ran out after a couple of days, i still have 2 peices of gum somewhere (not sure where) and I haven't used a patch since Monday when I felt like someone had punched me in the arm repeatedly.

What I am using is Galpharm Lozenges, between 1 and 3 per day, when I'm climbing hte walls. I know whyquit say that NRT ruins your chances of quitting for good, but I do think with everything going on in our lives at the moment, that were it not for having something in my draw that I can depend on then I owuld most certainly be smoking again already. I'll wean off them over the next couple of weeks for sure. SInce I had similar quit symptoms to my hubby I'm not even sure it's the nicotine withdrawal causing them, as he is cold turkey.....

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That's great, sounds like you're doing really well :) I think as long as you're not smoking just do what ever you have to do to get through it - in an ideal world we would/could all go cold turkey but it's not an ideal world & you're doing great :D

Denise x


Thank you Denise. You are, right, as long as no smoking is taking place, all is well. It just felt like a cop out.

Anyway, the lozenges are gone. Have had no nicotine whatsoever for almost two whole days now. SOmething really strange happened in that when I had one, I had a lump between the top of my jaw and ear swell up, really hard and really painful. Worried that it was associated with the lozenge, I stopped taking them altogether.

Still have a sore lump - not sure if it an enlarged lymph node or an inflamed jaw joint or what. Either way, ibuprofen stops it hurting and takes the swelling down a little so (and I'm sure everyone panics about this a bit) it's not cancer!

(I hope....)

Other than those weird bodily goings on, everything seems ok. We have saved almost £100 so far and that is great in only just over a week. With 52 weeks in a year, that's an unpleasant calculation to make...

Well done to everyone who is just joining or leaving part of this forum too. Anything past 1 hour is a good quit, into week 2 and that's amzing guys!:D


So remarkably, today is my last day in Week 2. I honestly can;t believe it, and today is even day 6 cold turkey, with no nicotine in my system whatsoever.

Cant wait to tickover to week 3 (actually what I really can't wait for is to tick over to one year, but baby steps and all that!)

Today I do feel a bit grotty. I've put on about 5lbs so I've started to watch what I eat from today. Perhaps that's why I feel weird.

Oh, and in a strange twist, my dependency on nicotine has transferred to dependency on mint imperials!:D


Well done, 2 weeks is a huge difference from wanting to stop then doing it, i empathize completely when u say u cant beleive it, it really is an awesome achievment , do watch the mint imperials though and the weight ,it can creep up and stick to your bones and is hard to shift im discovering. sugar free polos are good.

Mash x


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