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No Smoking Day
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How should I feel?

I dunno. Everything was going really well, and then suddenly my gf told me that she'd had a puff on the e-cig!

Over eight months into her quit she had a puff on the effing e-cig. The next evening she told me that she'd smoked 20 cigarettes that day! Now she's back to full-time smoking since two weeks.

I'll tell you how I don't feel. I don't feel like following suit. I also don't feel like lecturing her about it. I hope she'll try again, in any case. I just don't know how to feel.


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I know how you should feel, effing proud of yourself for your own quit and for being so supportive of others confused:

You've said you don't feel like following suit and you won't, I know you won't x

I've had a few let downs recently but lets take these challenges and use them to make us stronger.

I could have caved tonight - tell you again - but its people like you that have kept me going through the hard times.

You have been missed so much:( and it's soo good that you're back)

Stay strong buddy:D;):D


Ditto with what Magwillz and sue said

at the end of the day your gf has to make that decision to quit hopefully she will do that soon

you can only stay strong with yours and post more on here you have been missed




Thanks to you all for your kind words!

It's so true that I can only keep on with my own conviction to never smoke again, and it is also true that my gf has already proven that she can manage for several months without smoking. Hopefully she will come to a point where she can start all over again...

What I'm worried about is the slippery slope of recurring slippages... But maybe I just shouldn't think that way! In any case, I won't be dishing out any negative comments or chastising words... No point in that, really. Still, it does make me wonder what the hell happened to make her flip over like that from one day to the next. :-( Hard to know what to think or say.

I feel like I should be writing something really motivational. I probably will. I just need to get my head around what happened.



Wow. Dilemma. Stay strong and inspire the girlfriend to stop again. Don't let it be the other way round and let the girlfriend "inspire" you to smoke again. No point.


I Sympathize with u Alex, its difficult being around significant others who quit then start smoking again ,even if they are not fazed by it , we are, its almost like we are the ones that have started smoking again and get that defeated feeling. Stay focused on your own quit, keep it protected, just hope that they see sense.



I no how u feel I put a post on here the same as urz yesterday.. As my dad has bin cheating and it made me feel sad.. But carry on with ur quitting my fella still smokes but only about 4 a week.. So now wen he's had one I tell him how much he stinks and I Carnt kiss him lol.. Fink it's working as last night we went out for a few and he only smoked half lol


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