40 going on 110!

My reasons for stopping smoking? I'm 40 and feel so much older. I struggle for breath at work sometimes, usually just after a fag break (!) My kids want me to stop, my wife wants me to stop, I have had half a fag in the last three days and feel better already I think, although I was laid up with a chest infection all of Saturday (the first 18 hours) which is why I decided to try and stop altogether. It wasn't the bad weather, or anything else. It was the cigarettes that made me feel like death and laid me up in bed for a day and half :(. So here I am officially 24 hours completely clear, still a bit ratty but better for posting this ramble :)

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  • Hi Bear and welcome

    Just stick at it and that list of reasons for quitting will just get longer and longer all the time and you will be amazed how much better you feel as time goes on.

    Stay positive and good luck with your quitting

  • Welcome to the forum & well done :) This is probably the best decision you've ever made :)

    Keep going,

    Denise x

  • thanks for the replies......nice to know people read these things :) 24.5 hours now then, my sneaky half a cig last night robbed me (or I robbed myself!) of what would have been three clear days, but I can live with that for now....

  • Don't worry about the half a cig, just learn from it & carry on - i'd say it's still 3 days :D

    I gave up in March & stupidly smoked for 3 weeks in May (I know, idiot!!:mad:) so now I'm back on it (15 days now) but if not for that 3 week relapse I would have been at over 3 months now! So be on your guard & never have another drag!

    Denise x

  • What annoyed me was that I read that after three days the nicotine's gone from your system; my 72 hours would have been 10pm this evening, but does that half a cigarette reset it all? I can live with it if it does, I was just curious, so I know where my body's at!

  • Love your username name fella. You remind me of my good friend Vike on here. Another angry quitter :)

    Good luck Bear.

  • Ha ha thanks Rogue, just seems to sum me up at the moment, always bloody angry, grumpy etc etc :(

  • Good luck with your quit AB.

    Your description sounds pretty much like the state I was in when I was forty. But I was always stoic about chest infections and breathing problems, and valiantly smoked my way through them for another eleven years. Honestly not the brightest thing I have ever done, as the damage speeds up the further you travel down that road.

    Stick with it - it is so worthwhile, and not nearly as scary as you always feared once you get into it. :)

  • Hi there Angry Bear I think if you really want to stop you will haven to get rid of all the ciggys, ashtrays, lighters and get on that first step of that long ladder.i got rid of everything and by the second week I was looking everywhere for one I might have put somewhere. Giving up smoking is not easy and anyone that tells you it is are lying, go to your Chemist and go on the programme, personally I took the patches, the inhalator and bought gum myself, I take it you live in the uk.Anyway here I am at last 4 and a half months down the line and smoke free after smoking for 50 years yes 50 and feel fantastic , like you I kept having chest infections all the time so get motivated , best of luck xxxx

  • Good luck with your quit AB.

    But I was always stoic about chest infections and breathing problems, and valiantly smoked my way through them for another eleven years.

    I always did that too, my mantra was, if I can come to work, I can have a fag, all the justification.....felt so bad last weekend, had to at least try.....and thanks Lills, I keep finding lighters everywhere!

  • Angry Bear.....good job!! Keep it up. I am 7 months 3 days quit.

    I wish I would of quit when I was 40. I went to the Dr. today and she said she can't hear me breathing but that is normal for someone who smoked themselves into COPD.

    Any way...every day will be easier and easier. I've still have not come to the point of not wanting one once in awhile. It isn't a bad urge or anything just a passing thought but I think I will want one for the rest of my life.

    As long as we don't give in it will be fine. Come on here anytime, rant, rave...do whatever needs to be done, just break the habit and never start again.

    Proud of you and all the rest of us stop smokers!!!! ppat

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